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ENGL 102 Lesson 11

ENGL 102 Lesson 11 - Joseph Walter Clark 10 Aug 2007...

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Joseph Walter Clark 10 Aug. 2007 English 102 Lesson 11 Exercise 1. 1. Experts disagree whether advertising is beneficial or manipulative of the public. 2. Advertising is eye-catching because it conveys information. 3. An effective advertising campaign draws more consumers. 4. Informative and persuasive advertising is more successful. 5. Both men and women are portrayed sexually in advertising. 6. Sexual overtones exist in most advertising. 7. Good advertising moves a consumer from unawareness to action. Exercise 3. 1. The seller communicates with the buyer through advertising. 2. A targeted audience should be exposed to certain products. 3. A consumer will forget a product if they don’t see the catalogue. 4. Thomas R. Forrest’s article, “Such a Handsome Face: Advertising Male Cosmetics”, discusses effective marketing. 5. An important factor of a man’s success today is his appearance. 6. Successful marketing of a product contains several essential aspects of advertising. 1
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7. Before the implementation of a successful advertising campaign five questions are asked. 8. When a product is associated with something desirable it will increase its visibility. Exercise 5. The thing you got to grok about interweb culture is that there’s just too much shaz out there to ever DL it all. Not all the torrents in the world could pull it all for you. You’re a noob if you think you can see the whole net. So there are mad different groups
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ENGL 102 Lesson 11 - Joseph Walter Clark 10 Aug 2007...

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