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PAM 204 Exam #3 Preview Bring a calculator. You can’t use your cell phone. Come to class early. The exam will cover all the material from the following handouts: Chapter 20- Tax Inefficiencies Chapter 22- Taxes on Savings Chapter 23- Capital Gains Taxation and the Estate Tax Chapter 25- Fundamental Tax Reform The Federal Budget Deficit Chapter 5- Externalities I won’t ask anything from the Krugman article. The exam will consist of problems, short answer questions, list questions, and multiple
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Unformatted text preview: choice questions. I will definitely ask these questions 1 diagram- change in CS, PS, TS when levy tax (2 possibilities- tax on consumers, tax on producers) 2 externality diagrams (4 possibilities) 2 questions where there is a change in tax policy regarding savings- depict answer in budget constraint, give values of endpoints and slopes… (like questions 1-3 from PS #6) Lists See other handout- Exam #3 Lists....
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