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Interaction Rules – outline the expected setes of behaviors between the engineer, other individuals, and society as a whole Etiquette – codes of behavior and courtesy Moral Issues – issue can only be resolved by making a moral decision Conceptual Issues – morality of an action is agreed upon but there is uncertainty about how it should be codified into a clearly defined law, rule, or policy Application Issues – unclear if a particular act violates a law, rule, or policy Factual Issues – uncertainty bout morally relevant facts. Ethical Egoism – You act in your enlightened self interest. EX: Killing in self
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Unformatted text preview: defense Utilitarianism optimize the happiness objective function reduce harm to and increase benefits Happiness objective function (Benefit)(Importance) (harm)(importance) Rights Analysis Morality based on giving equal respect to each human being. (Golden Rule) Convergence when multiple moral theories all agree Divergence - .opposite Eminent Domain power to control others to benefit the general population...
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