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Andrew Vlock 1/24/07 H ADM 105 Intro to Hotel Operations Service Mindset Paper Being of service is to be polite and willing to give of one’s self for the happiness of another individual. There is something beautifully philanthropic about it. Making an effort to accommodate another individual’s needs and wants can feel better than tending to one’s self. I found, through this exercise and other jobs that I have held, that when you impress another individual, either through kindness or effort, you not only give them a reason to smile, but it is a feeling of extreme satisfaction and self validation. One can say to themselves, “I have the ability to not only affect another individual’s mood, but also how they view me and whomever I represent”. In this exercise, I made it a point to help or assist other individuals without request. When I saw or foresaw a problem or situation where I could be of assistance, I immediately attempted to help. A girl in my dorm needed a hand bringing her shelves up the stairs. I jumped in and
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