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School of Hotel Administration HA 174 Hospitality Business Computing Cornell University Spring 2008 Intro Assignment: Describe Yourself D ESCRIPTION OF THE T ASK : D UE D ATE : T HURSDAY , J ANUARY 24 TH @ 8:00 AM Using what you believe is a good word processing approach to writing papers, describe yourself briefly in an essay format that covers the following points: Where are you from and why have you come to the Hotel School? Your experience with computers (include what software you are familiar with – games are OK). Take time to explain what you believe are your best and worst interactions with the computer. How do you best learn a new skill or subject? Describe something that is unique about you (funny or serious) to help us to get to know you better. Besides your grade, what is your greatest concern about this course? Include anything else that you feel would be helpful for the instructors to know about you. Limit your writing to
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This note was uploaded on 03/30/2008 for the course H ADM 174 taught by Professor Clark during the Spring '05 term at Cornell.

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