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Deep_Play 2 from dad - Andrew Vlock English 101 Deep Play...

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Andrew Vlock English 101 Deep Play Geertz’s notion of deep play is one that can be seen in many aspects of society. In his observations of Balinese cock fights he found that deep play occurs when on the surface it appears that the “juice is not worth the squeeze”. It is a behavior that occurs when one places them self in a position where it would appear that the effort and risk far outweigh the reward. Under that circumstance, why would someone engage in that behavior? Geertz suggests that when people do something where they have more to lose than to gain, it is because it satisfies a basic need that is deeper than what appears to be risky and even foolish behavior. The Balinese bet heavily (in many cases far beyond what their income would allow) on the most evenly matched cock fights – those where the outcome is far more difficult to predict. Geertz found that people were willing to commit themselves to actions in spite of logic and without reason. Geertz said that “[deep play] means play in which the stakes are so high that it is, by his utilitarian standpoint, irrational for men to engage in” (286). While on the surface this may appear baffling and senseless, we find deep play in almost every culture around the world and, on a more personal level, in our own lives. I have personally encountered three different types of deep play. The first is the investment of one’s self in something that may not pay dividends, but requires an investment time and of faith. The second type of deep play I have encountered, in the more literal definition,
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Deep_Play 2 from dad - Andrew Vlock English 101 Deep Play...

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