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English Research Paper Argument: In the past ten years the socio economic gap between the richest and poorest groups in the United States has increased, making it impossibly difficult to go from the poorest sect of society to the richest. First one must prove that this inequity is at fault for the lack of socio economic mobility. Next one must ask themselves the reason why. What is causing the rich to get richer while the poor struggle at the bottom? The answer is in multiple government programs that increase the inequality gap as well as exacerbate economic and educational discrimination. -Why is this important? Evidence #1: Socio economic gap between the richest and poorest groups in the United States is growing. -Gini Coefficient -Comparison with similar westernized countries -Richest people are getting richer: CEO compared - Poorer people are getting poorer
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Unformatted text preview: -Why is this happening? What is happening to the rich? What is happening to the poor? Evidence #2: A growing income inequality gap makes economic mobility increasingly difficult to overcome. -Relate income inequality to economic mobility a. such a small portion of the population holds such a large portion of the total wealth, there is little to go around Evidence #3: It is clear that United States taxation policy economic globalization, and educational discrimination are the culprits causing such disheartening disparities between the rich and the poor. -taxation favors the rich-jobs are going overseas - education system favors the rich and makes the road to success much more difficult for poorer citizens. Conclusion--Restate importance and add to it-talk about American dream, and how it is no longer possible under such conditions...
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