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Vise Call – NR 603 – Referral I am calling you because you are a neuro surgical specialist and I would like to refer a patient to you for evaluation and treatment recommendations in the setting of degenerative lumbar spinal stenosis and questionable cervical myelopathy. HPI: The patient is a 51 y/o female who presented to the office 3 months ago with c/o increased lower back pain that radiates down both her lower legs and numbness in her feet. She reported that the constant pain had been ongoing for 2 months and is aggravated by long periods of sitting or standing. She explains the pain is so severe that it is limiting her activity and interrupting her sleep. She had tried taking Aleve routinely with minimal relief. The pain is accompanied with dizziness, weakness, and fatigue. She denies any precipitating injury or trauma. Hx: She has a history of GERD which she controls with Protonix daily. Approximately 2 years ago she c/o
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