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Student Name ___________________________ Section 1& 2 Take home part of CSE331 Spring exam 2. Answer all questions (Total 10 points). Complete and submit at the beginning of Exam-2 (before taking your closed book part of exam 2). Attach additional paper as needed. Use notations, diagrams and comments as appropriate to demonstrate your understanding. (You must not consult anyone but can use any published information, books or class notes) 1. What operations of ISA must be supported by MIPS ALU? (List them) 1pt add, addu, addi, addiu, sub, subu, mult, multu, div, divu, sqrt, and, andi, or, nor, ori, xor,
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Unformatted text preview: xori, beq, bne, slt, slti, sltiu, sltu 2. How do you go about designing them (indicate your strategy, assumptions and design tricks). 1pt When designing 3. Beginning with single bit FA using appropriate diagrams show how a 32bit adder/subtractor is obtained. 2pt 4. Design an ALU cell that supports logic operations. 1pt 5. Modify the ALU to support SLT operation. 2 pt 6. Modify the ALU to support zero and overflow. 2 pt 7. What is a carry look-ahead 32-bit adder? What way it is different from carry ripple 32-bit adder? (discuss). 1pt 1...
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