August 1 W - -the Fragmented Audience-Multiple...

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Film Audiences Quote of The Day “There are only 2 ways to lead your life—either, let things happen in their own way, keep tolerating it, or, take responsibility to change it.” -“Daljeet” Rang de Basanti The Idea of Audience -Addresses social influence -The “private” audience -psychological (how does it get inside their mind) -The “public” audience -political -social -Cultural formation The Private Audience -Psychoanalysis: desire and the space between imaginary and real -Dreamlike -Metz: identification -Mulvey: pre existing patterns of identification -“the male gaze” -activate prior thoughts in one’s mind -Cultural experience: Woolacott -Personal experience The Public Audience -Turner and the Question of Marketing
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Unformatted text preview: -the Fragmented Audience-Multiple satisfactions: take away different things from films-Stars: based on the characters reputation and past roles in films-Genre: bases on the role in a films plot Public Audience: Reception-Immediate cultural context-Intertextuality-Afterlife: later cultural context-a way the film can be re seen Bollywood and Rang de Basanti-Popular (paisa vasool)-Highly formulaic-Mixture of genres (masala)-Fundamentally Indian-Relationship to Hollywood The Bollywood Audience-Massive, undifferentiated-Cinema going a basic social ritual-stardom is mythic-diasparic audience shaping the genre-shifting from family romances to political film making...
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August 1 W - -the Fragmented Audience-Multiple...

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