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“Film Culture and Ideology: the Classical Hollywood Cinema” -Ideology is found everywhere -Hollywood cinema is large influence to the world through its global reach Quote of the Day “Frank Capra was the Carl Sandburg of Hollywood who reminded all America of the faces of American we love and cherish.” –William O. Douglas Ideology and the Cinema -Unarticulated but powerful political belief systems about how society operates/should operate -Ideologies and interests -Ideologies have economic and class implications -A mass (potentially dominant) ideology requires a mass communications medium for propagation -A medium is a specific form for projecting ideology
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Unformatted text preview: -Film text is a particular historical and formal instance for this projection (-Ideology always have economic implications) (-difference in society ideological values) (propagated or reproduced: get ideologies out to the mass through friends; idea can mutate or change as it is passed from person to person.) The Ideology of the Classical Hollywood Cinema-Discursive/Dynamic-Fundamentally conservative at any given time: argues for American exceptionalism, order, the empowered empowerment(individualism reigns supreme), voluntarism (people do things because they want to)-Cannot defy “multiple satisfactions”-Susceptible to resistant readings...
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