August 13 M - -Combine text and context(what we see with...

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Film and Ideology: Alternatives to Classical Hollywood Cinema Course Narrative: -The Feature Film Industry is an ideologically dominant popular culture form in the west today. Film has been understood both as an art form and as a social practice; the concept of film form is essential to both views. -Audiences give cultural and ideological specificity to the social practice of film, at the level of group identities, and the individual level of psychology. One of the most important manifestations of group identity formations of cinema is the concept of a “national cinema.” Strike and “Dissensus” -strike depicts a society in conflict, not consensus -ideology explicit, not implicit -form and processes of narration not “invisible” Film, Culture, and Ideology -Avoid “reflection” (should be taken seriously, not literally) -Instead: what is the relationship of representation to society”
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Unformatted text preview: -Combine text and context (what we see with what it means)-Ideology: a theory of social reality, and its systems of beliefs and assumptions National Culture-“nation” is a construction: how is this achieved? How is it transmitted?-Avoid fallacy of a national culture-self-conscious national cinema vs. unselfconscious national cinema-Hollywood can stand in for our national culture-U.S. is unselfconscious Ideology in the Text-ideology is a relationship between audience and text-How does ideology become located in the text? (forces of production made for ideological concerns)-How is ideology revealed in the text? Issues in Ideological Analysis-pleasure-dominant ideologies really DO dominate-Narrative and form are essential to ideological production-Realism and invisibility-Are the pleasures of film “outside” ideology?...
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August 13 M - -Combine text and context(what we see with...

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