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The Anti-Blockbuster -economic pressures -decommercialized financing structures (not main producing industry/ limited money) -often (not always, at all!) offer divergent ideological positions from blockbuster films -offer a plurality of reading, not just multiple consumption opportunities -although some movies are not as successful as other, they still have important influences on audiences and even other movies -argue for culturally specific narratives Film at the Cultural Crossroads
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Unformatted text preview: Quote of the day:-“In a world…”--Countless movie trailers Mediascape and Filim in 2007-self-conscious (a media that knows how important the media is in our life)-celebrity and electoral politics-“consensus” values still powerful-evolving-“internationalized”- film narratives are aware of different nations and ways of living internationally-discursive (more interactive) (more participation in consumer /amateur movie making)...
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  • Mediascape, Filim, divergent ideological positions, main producing industry/, culturally specific narratives

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