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July 6, 2007 Three Discourses: Evaluative- looking at a movie like a movie reviewer Analytical- describing a movie as different parts and breaking it down into separate pieces Contextual- turning a movie into a discussion based on topics or representation. Looking into audience approval or disproval. Deals with performers and comparing it to other films possibly adapted from novels. Three Kinds of Film/Meaning: Production (political economy)- the way of deciding what the audience wants
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Unformatted text preview: to maximize profits. Text (medium specific)-Audience (reception)- audience sees the movie and reacts according to their personal opinions and emotions. What is a Film? Technology- filmed pictures on reels, etc. Canonical Edition- film before it is edited or modified in any way. (subtitles, TV movies shortened, etc.) Entertainment- film used to get away from the world and using it for the viewer’s pleasure....
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