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July 9 M - -discursive book and forth connect-the...

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Casablanca- World War 2 -Letters of transit are important documents -Rick’s love affair in Paris is married -Uses a flashback structure -Sound and picture quality are not as good as now -Sam (the pianist) treated racially The Feature Film Industry Introduction/Credits -Nothing “just is” in the study of media -Movies exist in 3 discursive registers of meaning: person, aesthetic, and political/cultural -personal: way people experience and react to the film -aesthetic: what does it look like? How is it organized? -political: you decide if it is or not
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Unformatted text preview: -discursive: book and forth connect-the “anxiety” over film studies Turner’s Narrative of Films Studies-Film is primarily an economic phenomenon-We study film, and all popular media, to learn what is popular and why- the mass media is a lab for analysis of the intersection of politics and capitalism in the realm of culture-the aesthetic is driven by the economic Caveat Emptor (let the buyer beware)-suspicion that the audience are dupes (do they swallow everything they see?)-concern with popularity leads to a “multiplex effect”...
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