July 16 M - -waves into a flashback then comes back to the...

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-Semiotics sees social meaning as the product of the relationships constructed between signs -2 main objectives to film lighting -expressive: setting a mood (low key) -realism: figures are lit naturally (high key) M -child serial killer -German; subtitles -Came out very soon after sound was available Dream of a Rarabit Fiend -watched a clip of a drunken man -bed shook and flew in the air -special effects good for time -to achieve the look of him flying, they had to cover half the lens at a time -editing causes transformation Boogie Nights -1 st shot was designed to remind us what we really see….uninterupted shot ( capturing reality ) Matrix -Shooting scene -no one can kill them -more spectacle than needed (we realize the people are invincible) -shys away from narrative ( transformation ) Devil In A Blue Dress
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-deals with both capturing of reality and transformation -less dramatic than other two
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Unformatted text preview: -waves into a flashback then comes back to the sound of a shot glass hitting the bar The Language of a Film-Course Narrative A. The FFI creates an economic, aesthetic, and ideological structure in which individual films occur B. Film form is the aesthetic domain in which films makes meaning, including personal, economic and ideological meaning. C. Language is a useful metaphor for the relationship between film form and culture/ideology Language-Film is a kind of language-language is an act of construction, not labeling-languages are culturally distinct Semiotics-sign: object-signifier: what object stands for-denotative meaning: actual meaning-Connotative meaning: what does it mean culturally-ex. Balloon in M-stop sign Cinematic Signifying Systems-camera-mise-en-scene (incl lighting)-editing-special effects...
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July 16 M - -waves into a flashback then comes back to the...

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