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Narrative II Quote of the day “It’s as difficult to make a toilet seat as it is to make a castle window. The view’s a little bit different, that’s all.” -Ben Hecht, Screenwriter Narrative as a Formal System -structural, yes, but specific to film -emphasis on relationships among formal elements used to construct a narrative -based on cognitive assumptions -(formalists- specific parts of film) (structuralists- general parts)
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Unformatted text preview: Fundamental Concepts-story/plot distinctions-story: possible universe of narrative material-plot: material selected from the universe to make up the film’s narrative-Narrative/Narration-narrative: the tale told-narration: the way it is told (visual, editing, sound) 4 Corners of Film Narrative-“narration is the conversion of story material into a plot to create a film narrative.”...
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