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Core components of Narrative -Time -wipes and white outs are used to show a condensed time period -Space -movie is determined by space related to movie relevance -Casual relationship between events -all are constructed by a cooperative effort between the film making process and the viewer’s cognition Continuity -Brings together space, time, and causality in a formal system to achieve narration -“rule governed” = contract between film and viewer
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Unformatted text preview: -evolves in response to many factors, including general levels of viewer cognition-can be contrasted with discontinuity Evolution of Continuity-pre continuity (early cinema, 1896-1905)-strict continuity of classical Hollywood cinema (1910-1968)-intensified continuity (1968-present): narrative consistency can be “proved” without providing as much detail as classical cinema-conditional continuity/what if? (1980-present)...
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