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Quiz 1 - audience active or passive 4 what is an example of...

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QUIZ 1 1.how did Kevin summarize turner’s analysis of the Feature Film Industry? Narrative maximizing profit by the means of economic concentration, technological innovation and ideological conservationism 2. according to Turner, are films today organized more around spectacle, or more around narrative Organized more around spectacle than narrative 3.kevin suggested some concerns, or caveats, to keep in mind when reading Turner’s book. What is one of these? The film maker wonders if the audience believes or swallows everything they see and hear. Is the
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Unformatted text preview: audience active or passive? 4. what is an example of the “rationalized structure” of the feature film industry in the making of Casablanca? Casablanca used the segregated crafts system in which the work is divided between different people 5. what does Turner mean by the phrase “film as a social practice?” We study film to learn what is popular in society today...
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