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Comparison and Contrast Final

Comparison and Contrast Final - Austin Guiswite Laura...

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Austin Guiswite October 25, 2007 Laura Shackelford The Travel Hotspot: Boston vs. New York City Do you ever wish you had the opportunity to take a break from all the worries of life and travel to a hotspot city that flourishes with various activities? You can now have an answer to the perfect location. Because many places often have similar features that lure tourists, it is truly the differences in which becomes the basis in deciding on a specific travel location that suits your predilection in every aspect. Differences such as geographic location, activities, sights, and the general atmosphere are strong influences on decision-making, proving Boston, Massachusetts is ultimately the superlative travel hotspot over New York City, New York after examining all potential appeals. They each boast similarities and differences but Boston outweighs New York City by far. Both Boston and New York City are located in the northeastern region of the United States. Boston is located in the eastern area of Massachusetts which is positioned further north than New York City, located in the southern tip of New York. Location is one of the most important factors in deciding on a travel spot due
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2 to things such as travel distance and climate. Since Boston is further north, it obtains the cooler New England breezes from its surrounding locations. During those hot summer days, Boston is bearable because of the constant desirable breeze and milder temperatures compared to New York City. New York City seems excruciating on a hot summer day due to the fact that it is located further south. It is more appealing to stay in a comfortable climate so that time spent in the city is more enjoyable.
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Comparison and Contrast Final - Austin Guiswite Laura...

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