Independence and Union Formation

Independence and Union Formation - January 24, 2008...

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January 24, 2008 Sociology 130 Independence and Union Formation -as an idea and a reality -Changes in “mate selection” -Changes in the nature of marriage -Underlying theme: Independence For who? From whom? In context of other institutions: market, state History of Marriage: Periods: -Pre-enlightenment, pre-1700s -Institutional, 1700-1940s -Companionate, 1940s-1960s -Individualized, 1960s-present Pre-Enlightenment: -Marriage based on economic and political functions Too important to be based on love, individual feelings not considered very much Rich: preserve lineage, forge ties Poor: division of land, labor -Industrialization/Enlightenment Free choice as an ideal o Independence followed out of wage labor, individualist ideology o Built into the political institutions as well Conservative Backlash o Women’s independence threatened the men o Compromise: “separate spheres imposed constraints” o Male protection and female purity in complementary roles While there is individuality, there is not equality Institutional: -Male authority, female submission -Choice of spouse, but not of romantic love (passion not to be celebrated, but contained) -Strong support from larger institutions—i.e. the church and state Women not allowed to own property (state’s infliction on this style of marriage) -Courtship Supervised contact First in public, then in her home in the presence of parents Family considerations played a large role and predominated
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Independence and Union Formation - January 24, 2008...

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