Basic Genres of Ritual Action-Rec

Basic Genres of Ritual Action-Rec - Art 155 Recitation...

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Art 155 Recitation Notes Basic Genres of Ritual Action: Emile Durkheim: Divided all rituals into positive or negative actions o Negative: attempt to separate the human realm from the realm of the sacred o Positive: attempt to bring the two realms into contact or communion Another classification: Distinguishes instrumental rituals (accomplish something) from expressive rituals (which voice feelings or communicate ideas) o “magical rites” are a purer form of disinterested worship Victor Turner: Divided into life-crisis rituals and rituals of affliction 1. Rites of Passage (“life-crisis” or “life-cycle” rites)- a. Ceremonies that accompany and dramatize major life events i. Birth, coming-of-age initiations, marriage, and death b. Depict a socio-cultural order that overlays the natural biological order—not necessarily coincide with identical time i. Biological order as less determinative than social ii. I.e. physical birth is one thing, being identified as a member of the social group is another c. Arnold van Gennep’s 3-stage process i. Person leaves behind one social group/its identity ii. Passes through a stage of no identity or affiliation iii. Admitted into another social group that confers a new id These create symbolic stages/passages that redefine social and personal identity d. Birth rituals are a basic model/metaphor i. Often giving more emphasis or elaborateness when a son is born, rather than a daughter ii. The full month ritual brings about a change in the mother’s domestic and social status—indispensable contribution to prosperity 2. Calendrical Rites- a. Give socially meaningful definitions to the passage of time i. Occur periodically and predictably ii. Accompany seasonal changes in light, weather, agricultural work, and other social activities b. Some according to solar calendar, ensuring a correspondence between the ritual
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Basic Genres of Ritual Action-Rec - Art 155 Recitation...

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