Cuban Missile Crisis - In the issue of the Detroit News the...

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In the October 22, 1962 issue of the Detroit News, the first four pages of the paper contained mostly stories about Cuba and the United States’ issues with the foreign policy. The main headline read “Secret U.S. Talks Hint Cuba or Berlin Action.” This makes it seem as if something is leaking from the White House and readers are now becoming more and more interested in a story that has been gaining ground for months. All around the front page on this day were headlines about congressmen being called back to Washington. Around this time, most congressmen were campaigning, as was President John F. Kennedy himself. Kennedy had planned a trip to the Midwest and the Far West, according to the story 1 but was called back to Washington because of a supposed cold 1 . It seems as if people in the region were starting to get the idea that something was going on. Also, a quick brief at the bottom of the front page describes the testing of a 26-Megaton missile that was fired by the Russians. Although this was small news, it was still of significance to the crisis at hand. It seems as if the Detroit area had no worries up to this point in the standoff, but was still anxious for the sake of the country. The very next day, Kennedy ordered the blockade.
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Cuban Missile Crisis - In the issue of the Detroit News the...

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