RAQ-C8_class8_CAA_part1 - gases act in a manner analogous...

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Name: _Evan Harris ________________________ ARE 309 - Reading Assignment Quiz: RAQ-C8 (Due: October 10, 2007) Based on: Reading Assignment 8a -Article- Air Quality Control Reading Assignment 8b -AmericanTrucking Case Reading Assignment 8c- Lead Criteria Story 1. List the “criteria pollutants”. a. Sulfur Dioxide b. Nitrogen Oxides c. Carbon Monoxide d. Ozone e. Particulates f. Lead 2. This is the name given to a class of 188 air pollutants, many probable carcinogens that Congress instructed EPA to regulate in the 1990 Clean Air Amendments. _______Airborne Toxics __________ 3. This criteria air pollutant consists of solid and liquid materials, varying in size from aerosol to large grit and suspended in the air. ____Particulates _______ 4. What is the greenhouse effect, and what about it is controversial? It occurs when CO2, methane, CFC’s, nitrus oxide, and traces of a few other
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Unformatted text preview: gases act in a manner analogous to the glass in a greenhouse. The gases capture the radiated heat given off by light form the sun and keeps it trapped, making the Earth warmer. It is controversial because some believe it will heat the Earth enough to change our climate and produce mass storms. 5. What does the American Trucking Case say about the consideration of cost in setting NAAQSs ( 10 words or less ) __It places the importance of properly working machines that reduce pollutants over the issue of cost. _____ 6. Why is EPA reviewing the health effect associated with lead exposure? ( 20 words or less ) For a decision on whether to revise the air quality standard for lead. ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________...
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RAQ-C8_class8_CAA_part1 - gases act in a manner analogous...

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