avvakum - gave oppositional views to a massive movement of...

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Russian Translation – Avvakum Avvakum (1620/21-1682), Russian writer, protopope, leader of the old belief and ideologist of separation in the Orthodox Church. He was born in 1620 or 1621 B.C. in the Gregory Nizhegorod region. In 1647 he entered a close moskovite circle of the court of the czar Aleksey Michaelovich as a leader of piety. After the blatant resistance to the church innovations of the patriarch Nikon in 1653 he and his family were exiled to Tobolsk and later to Dauria, at the border of Mongolia. In 1663 at the request of the czar he showed up in Moscow, but did not come to terms with the official church, carrying out irate acts against numerous reform leaders. (Boyar F.M. Morozov and dr) In 1664 he was exiled to Mezen. In 1666 he was deprived of his dignity and condemned in a church meeting, in 1667 he was exiled to the prison of Poostozer and confined in an underground jail, where for another 15 years he continued his struggle, exchanging messages with his followers. Leaving the “old faith”, Avvakum complained of defects in the official church,
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Unformatted text preview: gave oppositional views to a massive movement of separatists. He is the author of over 50 discourses, sermons, theological compositions, explanatory biblical books etc, of which he received a distinguished autobiographical statue, church-religious and sot-historical literature became Life of the protopope Avvakum , written by him in 1672 – 1675 (three author’s editions) where alive, close to the obligatory spoken language, in a narrative, rich illustrations of real daily way of life, present-day passions and discussions, increasingly vivid implications, with jokes and anecdotes, presented as ordinary illustrations in difficult times, in the remarkable manner of the author. Avvakum and his closest supporters by the request of the czar Fyodor Alekseyvich, for the “denigration” of the czar’s home were burnt at the stake in Poostozer’s lands of the Archangel on the 14 th of April 1682....
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avvakum - gave oppositional views to a massive movement of...

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