Devils and Dust

Devils and Dust - malice towards humans Stories about...

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Taylor Petersen February 1, 2008 “Devils” Excerpts originating from Russian peasants depicting devils reveal a lot about the belief system that must have heavily influenced their everyday life. It is interesting to note the incredible amount of effort that peasants went through in order to ensure security and prosperity. Something as simple as not saying a blessing can be life-altering. As shown in excerpt #20 when a monk who forgot to say a blessing before fetching a pail of water led him to very nearly to commit a travesty against the church. Moreover, inherent in the peasant’s strong awareness of the devil, is the non-belief in accidental occurrences and human error. If a man is struck down by lightning it is not a matter of bad luck, it is because the devil was seeking refuge in their body. Bad things that happened in peasant’s lives happened not by chance or by human error but rather because of the devil’s
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Unformatted text preview: malice towards humans. Stories about devils also seemed to function as a warning against potentially dangerous situations. Girls attending a late night party with male companions could find themselves in the company of devils, and as in excerpt #24 results in death. Moreover, as in the story “Barrel of Gold” and other similar excerpts is the warning that excessive wealth is in line with the devil. As often in dealings with the devil the human reaps negative consequences as a result of his desire to gain or maintain his wealth. The peasant’s main defense against the devil was subservience to God. Following the will of God had the ability to before amazing thing such as a woman’s making the sign of the cross was able to trap a demon for three days. Observance of God and devils was a tedious everyday task that peasants felt had a profound impact on their lives....
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Devils and Dust - malice towards humans Stories about...

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