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Magical Objects - aristocratic origins. Ultimately, he...

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Taylor Petersen Friday, March 21 “Magical Objects” Not all fairy tale heroes were just naturally valorous some relied on the use of magical objects to achieve their heroic deeds. While this magical power may have made the heroes of these stories capable it came with its consequences. Often, because the hero that relied on a magical object was of common origin the princess he married was displeased with their union. Tales of magical objects are a testament to Russian belief in keeping safe guard over important property and class conflict. Often, a struggle if not the main conflict within the stories is the hero’s battle for the return of the magical object that has been taken. Within these stories a common villain is the hero’s own dissatisfied bride. In The Magic Shirt the hero fights to regain his magical shirt on which he draws his strength from his wife whom has abandoned him in favor of a prince of
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Unformatted text preview: aristocratic origins. Ultimately, he slays both his wife her lover after the regaining of his shirt from them. In the tale entitled Horns the hero is put at disadvantage because he is careless with the magical objects that he has stolen. Stupidity and carelessness is what granted him the objects and serves as what makes him lose them too. When the hero ignorantly falls asleep his wife steals his magic tablecloth and flying carpet. However, unlike in The Magic Shirt the hero after regaining his magical objects back begins a prosperous life with his wife whom he has taught a lesson. In the end, not all heroes are natural born, some get a little help from outside forces like a magical shirt. Sadly, it seems that the heroes whom get this help in the fairy tales seem to always be of common origin....
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Magical Objects - aristocratic origins. Ultimately, he...

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