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sorcerer - Peasants had to be on full guard in a time of...

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Taylor Petersen Friday, February 15 “Sorcerers” Sorcerers a prevalent part of the Russian peasantry’s “lower-mythology” served much like the rest of the mythology to show the existence of a magical world which did not hold human values and was a force to be reckoned with. While sorcerers do not seem to hold as much malice towards humans as the upir they were still dangerous. Russian peasants must always be on guard against the sorcerer, especially at transitional points within their lives most notably marriage. The belief is practical that we are most susceptible to injury at times of change in our lives for it is inherent that we cannot rely on the security of the familiar in a time of change. Within the life span of a Russian peasant the greatest institutionalized change was marriage. Perhaps, this is why peasants felt that sorcerers were out to get them in this time period. As in one of the excerpts, a whole wedding had the potential to be turned into wolves.
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Unformatted text preview: Peasants had to be on full guard in a time of change alertness was stressed. Protection from sorcerers spoiling was recruited not from making an offering to God or one of the saints as one might expect, but rather from hiring another sorcerer. Interesting within this, is the idea that to fight “evil” an “evil” agent must be hired. Depicted in one of the readings, a hired sorcerer saves a wedding from an unwanted sorcerer wanting to spoil it. Of course, like in the stories of vampires the hero, in this case the sorcerer, doesn’t work for free he requires some sort of offering. Stories of sorcery also serve as a warning against the mysterious. People that are not well known should not be trusted. This warning is most evident in the story were the priest’s daughter nearly marries a sorcerer, and despite her last-second realization she still is stricken with death. Russian peasants clearly didn’t just give out trust it was something that must be earned....
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sorcerer - Peasants had to be on full guard in a time of...

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