Exam Notes - Section 6

Exam Notes - Section 6 - The Basics of Calf Nutrition Dry...

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Unformatted text preview: The Basics of Calf Nutrition Dry cow nutrition? Calving environment Colostrum management Liquid diet consistency and quality Water Calf starter Management Outline for this section A brief word about colostrum management. Why do we feed calves the way we do? A systematic approach to calf nutrition. Impact of environment on growth and requirements. Practical management of intensive feeding calf feeding programs. Making it pay? Pasteurizing waste milk? Physiological Adaptations Breathing and respiration Nutrient source: blood to milk Immune function Temperature regulation Blood acid/base regulation Importance of Colostrum Disease prevention Immature immune system Passive transfer of immunity Acquisition of IgG from gut Local immunity Composition of Colostrum 1ml >10 6 maternal immune cells IgG (immunogobulin G) T and B Lymphocytes Neutrophils and Macrophages Nutritional value 23.9% solids 6.7% fat 14% protein Quality Superior >100 mg/liter Good 50 to 100 /liter Poor < 50/liter Unacceptable <20/liter IgG Quantity and Timing Holstein 250 grams before 24 hours Jersey 180 grams before 24 hours Before 12 hours for 250 g is optimum Feed at 0 and 12 hours Calving environment Exercise great appetites Plenty of fat soluble vitamins The down side? Observation? Accessibility to milking parlor and traffic flow on the farm Control of nutrition? DCAB? First one there is the winner! Its a race between bacteria in the environment or the initial feeding and the antibodies in colostrum. Colostrum supplements Calf should receive 150 180 g of Ig in 1 st 24 hr (150 or 250 g???) Absorbs only 20 35% = 30 60 g. Whats the Ig level in Colostrum supplements? Source of Ig Whey 25 30 g/ dose Freeze dried colostrum low Ig absorption? Serum derived High Ig, Effective against farm pathogens? Colostrum Replacements Use the highest quality product you can find Minimum 100 grams of IgG in ONE dose Mi correctl & h gienicall temperat re 26 Mix correctly hygienically temperature Feed in the first hour If it costs less than $25/dose, you are likely getting a supplement, not a replacement. Colostrum replacer Secure Vita Plus LOL When to use No colostrum Johnes infected herd Salmonella, BVD, Mycoplasma Disease free replacements Colostrum Supplements and Substitutes Reasons for using Disease transmission Poor quality Colostrum Research data??? No substitute for the real thing Not recommended!...
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Exam Notes - Section 6 - The Basics of Calf Nutrition Dry...

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