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Review Sheet – Energy Supply and Demand Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Energy Intensity Quadrillion Btus = 10 15 Btus World Energy Consumption o Oil is the most utilized energy source in both 2002 and 2025 o Consumption of all the energy sources will increase from 2002 to 2025 United States Energy Consumption o First in worldwide reserves of coal o Oil is the most utilized energy source in both 2002 and 2025 o Consumption of all energy sources except hydropower will increase from 2002 to 2025 o 66.5% of petroleum is used for transportation o More than half of petroleum needs are met by imports o US has almost one fourth of the world’s reserves of coal
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Unformatted text preview: Doubling time Energy reserves and resources o "Reserves" represent that portion of demonstrated resources that can be recovered economically with the application of extraction technology available currently or in the foreseeable future. Reserves include only recoverable energy. o Resources represent that portion of the energy that is known to exist or even suspected to exist irrespective of technical or economic viability. So reserves are a subset of resources. How long will the reserves last?...
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