Lesson 7 Review

Lesson 7 Review - • R-Value • Types of Insulation •...

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Review sheet – Home Heating Basics Residential Heat Loss Home heating is the single highest energy expense for a household Mechanisms of heat loss. You should be able to identify the mechanisms given some examples. o Conduction o Convection o Radiation Heating Degree Days. Definition and Calculation of HDD o Seasonal heating degree day. Calculation of Seasonal HDDs Heat loss o Hourly heating loss From temperature difference o Annual or Seasonal heating loss From HDD Insulation and Home heating fuels
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Unformatted text preview: • R-Value • Types of Insulation • Composite R-value calculation (make sure if the component R-value is given for the whole thickness or per inch.) • Calculation of wall heat loss • Fuel Choices for home heating o Heating value of fuels • Heating Efficiency o AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) • Energy Cost o Annual heating • Payback Period o Make sure you use the correct units for each quantity used in the formula...
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Lesson 7 Review - • R-Value • Types of Insulation •...

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