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Mark Mizzer Vicario 10-1-07 Final Copy Typology of a Church Go-er As I sat in a pew at my local church, not particularly paying attention to the sermon, I began to look around at the different faces, different reactions, and different personalities present at this event. As I scanned the crowd, I could easily distinguish the people that wanted to be there from those who did not. Beyond the simple decision of whether or not someone wants to attend the sermon, I began to contemplate what drives these people to come week after week, year after year. There happened to be a plethora of diversity at church on this particular day; people of different race, gender, age, and health were all present and accounted for. There were the young children whose parents had made them come, the elderly whose habits have brought them here, the sick looking for divine help, and those fearing eternal damnation, among others. Each person has their own story - something happening in their lives driving them to attend a meeting with a man in a robe preaching about someone who may or may not have existed in a book written two thousand years ago. Personally I believe in everything the Roman Catholic Church has taught me over my years studying there. My parents both come from
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Mizzer-2- religious families and they have passed those traits on to me. I do not, however, feel compelled to attend mass on a “religious” schedule – pun totally intended – as some people believe. I am writing this essay not to advocate or condemn attending services constantly, but to simply showcase the diverse crowd of people I see week in and week out and to classify their reasons for sacrificing sleep in order to come. There are many types of people with many, many personal convictions. Here are just a few. The Devout
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C and D - Mark Mizzer Vicario 10-1-07 Final Copy Typology...

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