Cause and Consequence - Mark Mizzer Vicario 11-5-07 Final...

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Mark Mizzer Vicario 11-5-07 Final Copy The Effects of a Penn State Education Ever since childhood, the idea that the road to success lead through one of the countless colleges in the country has been pounded into our collective heads from parents, teachers, and our closest friends. No one doubts the fact that we – as students of The Pennsylvania State University – have made a great choice, but why did we really make the decision to come here? Undoubtedly, if a group of freshman were asked why they came here for their education, an overwhelming majority would cite the possible lucrative careers they will take on after graduation. People say, however, that any college (community, private, or state university) can provide you with the necessary education to secure a job, so once again, why Penn State? I believe that those people are wrong and that all educations are not made equal. Once again, I pose the question: “Why do we choose to attend college?” The costs are great (sometimes to an extreme), it takes many years to complete the degree (years otherwise taken up by working and making money), and having to deal with people and situations you don’t particularly enjoy. All of these examples are valid reasons to not ever attend a college class in your life, but the drawbacks of doing so are much more severe than one may think. The costs are excessive, but you are paying for a high quality and highly desirable degree, one which will make you a lot of money in the years to come. Studies have shown that college graduates make over $1 million more throughout their lives than someone who just graduated from high school and directly entered the workforce. Depending on your degree, your time spent in school can be
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This essay was uploaded on 03/30/2008 for the course ENGL 015 taught by Professor Stjean,shawnr during the Fall '07 term at Pennsylvania State University, University Park.

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Cause and Consequence - Mark Mizzer Vicario 11-5-07 Final...

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