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Compare and Contrast

Compare and Contrast - Mark Mizzer Vicario Final Copy Major...

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Mark Mizzer Vicario 12-14-07 Final Copy Major Revision Alcoholics vs. Casual Drinkers The living room is dark except for the flicker of light emanating from the late night western movie on the television casting an eerie light on the motionless body sitting on the couch directly in front of it. There is no one left in the house, no missing valuables, no sign of forced entry. This is not the scene of a homicide; this is the nightly scene of the home of an alcoholic whose life has spun out of control. He has drunk himself into a stupor to dull the pains of his life (problems most likely caused – at least in some part – by his drinking habits). Empty beer cans litter the floor around the furniture while empty bottles fill up the garbage cans. The house is filthy because this man is either too drunk or too lazy and hung-over to clean. There is no one home because his wife and children have left him due to his excessive drinking and violent behavior. Jim Beam and Jack Daniels are now this man’s only companions. At a party only down the street, a man is the center of attention – bright-eyed and bushy- tailed. He, too, has been drinking, but not to the level of near coma like the man we visited above. Instead, this normally shy, somewhat awkward man is the life of the party; he’s funny, charming, and has been dancing his way into the hearts of women he would never approach on a typical Tuesday afternoon. This man limits his drinking to weekends and even limits the amount
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Mizzer-2- he drinks each night in order to still remain coherent and walking. In doing so, he is not only thoroughly enjoying himself, but he is being responsible and safe as well. Alcohol is a very social drug, but a drug nonetheless. The examples in the beginning of this essay shine a light upon both the pleasant and the terrible effects alcohol may bring upon your life. As long as one can stay more to the side of the later example, he should enjoy a longer, happier, and healthier life than someone similar to the first. Millions of people drink – legally, underage, with a group of friends, by themselves – and most never develop a problem. They may drink too much one night and become ill, then feel sick the next day, but they never develop an actual drinking problem. Some, however, drink so heavily that they develop an addiction – one they cannot get rid of. Addiction is a dependency on
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Compare and Contrast - Mark Mizzer Vicario Final Copy Major...

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