Descriptive - Mark Mizzer Vicario Bringing It Together...

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Mark Mizzer 9-17-07 Vicario Bringing It Together Sometimes when there are great expectations put on a team, they fail to live up to that hype – and sometimes they fail miserably. My high school basketball squad was one of these teams; we were picked to win the conference with a new point guard and two returning All- Conference forwards, but team chemistry problems were plenty and wins were few. There comes a time, however, when one grows tired of mediocrity and does whatever it takes to come together for the good of our team, our school, and ourselves. Beyond anything else, this experience has taught me that any group of people, no matter how different and dysfunctional, can come together if there is a common goal and a will to succeed. There are problems that arise with every group of people from businesses to classrooms, and everyone across the board can learn from the story of the Warriors. We entered November in the midst of a dominating football season. Football was always king at my school, leaving the basketball team in the back of everyone’s mind. As the preseason rankings were publicized, even being named 20 th in the state went largely unnoticed. Last year’s squad graduated nine seniors (including two 1000 point scorers) and went as far as the third round of the state playoffs before being demolished by the eventual champions. In the offseason, the school hired a new coach; a rough and rugged, no non-sense man who lived and died by conditioning. We entered practice and ran much like in the movie Coach Carter starring Samuel L. Jackson. We ran until we vomited, then we would run some more. Stadium stairs in the
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Descriptive - Mark Mizzer Vicario Bringing It Together...

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