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Unformatted text preview: F ' . 4-2 4.“! [H :I'IIfm-d-nnrhnlh Precenlral rulcus Emmi sulms .I I; . :" Superim- imnti] 53.11.15 l. Pmcentlal gyms g" '. l I; fl’oulcenrnl 51ml: Tron: Pasrcenm] sulms Al Middlt fwnul gyms n: “a Superaur parietal ]nbule Fae . lump-maul iulcua [rumor frontal gyrus: GI‘ Triangular Part a Ph Dpercula: part "B Orbltil part Supumargma] HY new 33-11.]! Angular gyms 00:1me gm £3er 3} CI Super-1m temporal gyms Pmdpim with Superior muporal sulcus/ Middle temporal gyms ' ' f a lfllETlCfl temporal win]; if I! Inferior temporal gull» Amerlm' COE‘HITHHHLLTE I Cullitulus' Optic chiasm ! L‘Um f‘l'llh'éLll't'b N12155:; imc rmcclia (firms SCHEME"; muLlc hen: s by x. rum-\M,M,/ Cranial Hera-e || "finial Nara-e ||| Cranial Her-2+ ‘-,-' - I-fi v.” 1+ XII ...
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