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Slide 1 Fat Soluble Vitamins Vitamins A, D, E and K Need bile for absorption These vitamins are transported through the lymphatic system and carried on Triglycerides. There are varying levels of toxicity as fat soluble vitamins are difficult to excrete and are stored in the liver and adipose tissue as well as in areas such as the nervous tissue where fats have a a great deal of function. Slide 2 Vitamin A Two Forms: Preformed Vitamin A – Retinol Found in fish oils, milk products, liver Beta Carotene – precursor Found in orange and dark green pigments in plants There are 2 forms of Vitamin A. You will find the preformed A in animal fats – the liver of animals is very rich in A. Dairy products will have A (whole milk naturally and low fat and skim milk fortified). Beta-carotene is converted to Vitamin A in the body. It is considered a precursor. You find it in green leafy vegetables, orange and red fruits and vegetables. It is a pigment. It is considered an antioxidant. Beta- carotene is used to color foods – such as margarine.
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Slide 3 Functions of Vitamin A Structural part of retina - rhodopsin Development of skin and mucous membranes Regulation of gene expression Bone growth Immune response It is known as the vision vitamin. It’s function relates to the structure of the retina (hence the name for Vitamin A – retinol). It is also involved in gene expression, bone growth, the development of skin and mucous membranes. And one of its greatest functions relates to the immune system. Slide 4 Deficiency / Toxicity Deficiency – 3 – 10 mil. Children Blindness and Immune depression Toxicity – in US from supplements Loss of coordination Rash Loss of bone density Liver damage Pregnancy- birth defects Liver has 3 X the DRI It is the greatest nutrient deficiency world-wide and the deficiency is the leading cause of blindness and diarrheal disease worldwide. Toxicity
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Fat Soluble Vitamins class notes - Slide 1 Fat Soluble...

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