A worn path and every day uses

A worn path and every day uses - Patrick Mahoney February...

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Unformatted text preview: Patrick Mahoney February 22, 2007 English 1614 Every Day Use and A Worn Path: Free Thought Writing The story A Worn Path details the thought processes of a womans journey on which she ignores her sensory perceptions and relies only on her mind which, in the end, proves to be both an advantage and problem for her. A phoenix is a fictional bird which is, traditionally, a symbol for rebirth because it supposedly dies and then bursts into flame until its nothing but a pile of ashes. However, from the ashes a newborn bird will rise and the phoenix lives again. This in mind, I have no idea why her name was Phoenix. She makes the same trip like clockwork and has made it so often that she has each step memorized, which is impressive, but I dont see any symbolism. She also happens to be a black woman which isnt immediately obvious except for a few hints about her nature until she runs into the white hunter with his black dog. She takes a liking to the dog in part because it is black, but also because white hunter with his black dog....
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