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Doctor Jack OLanter and Cathedral

Doctor Jack OLanter and Cathedral - Patrick Mahoney Engl...

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Patrick Mahoney March 19, 2007 Engl 1614 Theme: Cathedral and Doctor Jack O’Lantern In both “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver and in “Doctor Jack O’Lantern” by Richard Yates, the main characters that seemed to be most troubled, ironically, turn out to help the person that pities them the most. In Cathedral, the blind man, Robert, who is repeatedly thought of as pathetic by the husband, is overly catered to hand and foot by the wife as she tries to make him comfortable. Robert seems to have no trouble making himself comfortable rather, the husband’s obvious dislike of Robert makes him the uncomfortable one because he is uncertain as how best to entertain a blind man whom he harbors some jealousies for in regard to the relationship between Robert and his wife. Through the aid of liquor, pot and a good natured blind man, the two are able to bond as the wife dresses for bed upstairs. Their discussion of cathedrals turns into a project where through the husband learns a bit about Robert’s lifestyle as a blind man.
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