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Patrick Mahoney February 8, 2007 English 1614 Foreshadowing and Irony In “Desiree’s Baby”, Desiree slowly comes to the tragic realization that her baby is half black and, due to the social pressures at the time in Louisiana, unfit to be the child of a respected Louisiana plantation owner. The story begins by providing a background of how Desiree had been abandoned at infancy beneath a tree and how her pedigree and even real name were unknown so that through the rest of the story the reader is lead to believe that she may be the reason her child is half black. However, throughout the story, and almost obviously, there are hints to which of the parents is actually part black themselves. In one particular description of Armand Aubigny, his “dark, handsome face” is mentioned which, being the only real description of Armand at that point, could easily lead the reader to believe that his is indeed part black before the story even really starts. Desiree is described as wearing “soft white
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