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Look on the Bright Side and Died and Gone to Vegas

Look on the Bright Side and Died and Gone to Vegas - him...

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Patrick Mahoney February 26, 2007 English 1614 “Died and Gone to Vegas” is a story presumably at first glance, about a woman’s life goal to go play cards in Vegas among the people that she views as high rolling gentlemen and ladies. She sits and plays cards with a bunch of her oil rig coworkers as they tell lies of people that they “know” who have chased their own dreams but rather than finding them, only find misery or misfortune with an occasional lucky. The new kid, Nicky, supposes what Raynelle’s trip will be like and all of a sudden Raynelle becomes one of the unlucky souls that gets mentioned at the cards and bullshit table. In the story “Look on the Bright Side”, a tenant and his wife and children have trouble with an unreasonable landlady but rather than pay and be done with it, the man approaches every problem as if it were a game. He takes her to court in hope that the judge will erase his debt and maybe even compensate
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Unformatted text preview: him for his troubles over court issues. The world was cruel to him (he got laid off, harassed at the border, had an intolerable landlady) so his optimism was really all he had. He is much more hopeful than he is practical which, by the end, is his downfall and is evident as he falls asleep on a cement bench outside of the library with the other supposedly homeless people. Question 1: “Every Day Uses” is narrated from who’s perspective? a) Uncle Buddy b) Mama c) Dee d) Maggie’s subconscious Question 2: In “Fat Girl” what was the most likely reason for Louise’s marriage to her father’s partner, Richard? a) They were childhood playmates, Destiny! b) Louise is a gold digger. c) Louise was pretty and thin, it was thanksgiving, the boss’s daughter? Who wouldn’t? d) Richard was fat and Louise empathized and vowed to take care of him as Carrie had for her....
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