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Patrick Mahoney February 20, 2007 English 1614 How I Met My Husband and The Fat Girl: An Analysis of Women I wasn’t particularly interested in either story except for the fact that they provided some insight into, what I imagine is, the feminine psyche regarding love. As far as “The Fat Girl” goes, I was rather hoping that Louise would turn out to be schizophrenic and completely have made up Carrie in an attempt to gain a thin friend who would help her in a time of need or that Carrie would have killed herself and Louise’s own self pity would have masked Carrie’s problems from her. My expectations aside, “How I Met My Husband” is a story about a teenage girl, Edie, who thinks she has it all figured out when it comes to cooking and cleaning and keeping house until she runs into a man with whom she has a passionate, one time only fling. She cherishes him for giving her the affection she’s wanted and is blinded by her young love to realize that all guys
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Unformatted text preview: are assholes (or at least incapable of emotional attachment) which is symbolized by her waiting for his letter. The big irony here is that the mailman thinks she is courting him while she is actually waiting for the letter from her dear Mr. Watters. Similarly, in “The Fat Girl”, Louise grows up indulging in secret sweets until she meets her best friend Carrie who convinces her to diet and goes completely out of her way to help her achieve their goal. Carrie probably does this because focusing her energy elsewhere will distract her from all the troubles she has at home; lucky break for Louise who was a little to helpless to take care of herself not getting the love she needed from her mother, husband or friends. The only person that genuinely and consistently loved her was her father....
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