Omelas and the Old Man with Wings

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Patrick Mahoney March 21, 2007 Engl. 1614 A Very Old Man – Humanity and the Supernatural The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas – The Dark Cellar In the story A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, an angel falls to the ground in a Colombian village during a rain storm where he is held as captive by a couple for several years. He is not the gleaming, pure, “angelic” image that most people imagine when the word “angel” comes to mind. He is an old man with missing teeth, funky body odor and with parasites in his tattered wings. Rather than try and help the old man gain strength, he is locked in a hen house out of fear. He becomes that of a carnival sideshow, gaining visitors willing to pay to see his deteriorated state to poke fun at him and harass him or to plead for miracles to save their own wretched lives. The only small signs of compassion were in the crumbs of pastries that were tossed at his body to induce him to do something. After the small morsels of food had no impact, the people resort to branding him as if he were livestock.
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