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Red Convertible and American Society

Red Convertible and American Society - Patrick Mahoney Engl...

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Patrick Mahoney March 29, 2007 Engl. 1614 In American Society (The ending) and Red Convertible (Boots and Car Symbolism) In the story “In American Society”, the Chang’s really only have eachother as they slowly become accustomed to the American way of life. In China and most Asian countries, the people have a much stronger work ethic and a better sense of honor and commitment. At the end of the story when Mr. Chang comes face to face with the incredibly intoxicated host of the evening, he is, at first, caught off guard trying to be pleasant and fit in with the country club members. After a brief argument with the host, he loses his cool and throws both the man’s shirt as well as his own dress coat into the pool and storms out of the party. His children commend him for standing up to the drunk after he had been insulted and embarrassed and they all unite as a family and agree the best thing to do is go to their second home, the pancake house and wait for the party to die down before going back. “Red Convertible” was a story about two brothers torn apart mentally by war even when they are
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