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Patrick Mahoney March 27, 2007 Engl. 1614 Shiloh Throughout the story, Norma Jean and Leroy change as a result of Leroy’s not working anymore. Norma Jean finds that she isn’t allowed the freedoms she deserves with her husband and her mother shoveling their opinions at her all the time. Leroy leaves his fast paced life behind and begins smoking pot and noticing things he never had about his wife and about other things at home like the birds and the neighbors. All he wants to do is give his wife what he thinks she deserves but can’t really give her what she needs so she starts seeking alternative
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Unformatted text preview: methods of entertainment or distraction such as her fitness and English classes. Norma eventually decides that she can no longer be with her husband and she is suffocating under his constant presence. It’s quite possible she never really loved him that much because their marriage almost seems like a shotgun marriage with the baby being born only “a few months later”. Now with the death of their baby which they mistakenly never bring up, and her mother pestering them constantly, it’s no wonder they move in separate directions....
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