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Patrick Mahoney February 13, 2007 English 1614 The Significance of White Elephants In some South Eastern Asian countries, a white elephant signifies that the country is under peaceful rule. However, typically a white elephant is a reference to something that was more costly than it was worth or even that it was unwanted to begin with. There was a railway in Victoria, Australia called the White Elephant that was closed down shortly after it opened because it was built in a nearly uninhabited area. New York Giants manager, John McGraw, said that Philadelphia businessman, Benjamin Shibe, had “bought himself a white elephant” when he purchased the Philadelphia Athletics in 1901 due to their losing record that season. That is why their mascot is an elephant named Stomper. With these things in mind, looking back on Hemingway’s story, it could be inferred that the couple were in a trying relationship due to worry on the man’s behalf and submissiveness and acquiescence on the girl’s. An awkwardness and unsettling feeling is apparent between the two as they
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