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Chapter 4-5 Notes

Chapter 4-5 Notes - *expression is doseage dependent two...

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Chapter 4 Reciprocal Cross: two crosses to test the role of parental sex on given gene *assume Y-chromosome does not carry genes (no superscripts) *results of crosses are different if X is the sex-determining chromosome *autosomes: non-sex chromosomes *X-chromosomes independently assort from autosomes *generally only plants are referred to as “true breeding” *F1 generation reveals dominance (Fig. 4.15) X-linked/sex-linked genes: *hemophilia *color-blind Chapter 5 Incomplete Dominance: heterozygous genotype that creates an intermediate phenotype *only one allele (usually the wt) at the single locus is expressed
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Unformatted text preview: *expression is doseage dependent: two copies of the gene produce full expression, while one produces partial expression Human diagnosis of incomplete dominance E 1 /E 2 X E 1 /E 2 Enzyme: adenine deauimase E 1 /E 1 100% enzyme… 1/4 E 2 /E 2 no enzyme… 1/4 E 1 /E 2 50% enzyme… ½ Codominance : *blood type A I A I O or I A I A B I B I O or I B I B AB I A I B (codominance) O I O I O A and B are dominant to O Gene interactions (through products) Epistasis: pigmentation...
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