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paper # 3 - Virani 1 Sofia Virani History 200 Professor...

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Virani 1 Sofia Virani History 200 Professor Shammas 28 November 2007 The Bomb that Changed the World World War II seemed at though it was going to go on forever with devastating consequences and no way out. Japan didn’t want to surrender and the US wasn’t going to let the Japanese take over the world. The only thing the US could do was take drastic measures by dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and forcing the Japanese to give up. At first, Americans believed that the atomic bomb was a good invention because it ended the war and would keep any more wars from happening, but as the discussion progresses, people begin to realize the devastating effects of the atomic bomb and how instead of creating peace, it could actually cause a never ending world war. President Truman warned the Japanese that without unconditional surrender, the US would unleash a power that they could never imagine: the atomic bomb. Directly after the release of the atomic bomb, Americans and other allied forces thought that it was an incredible aid in ending the war. As Secretary of War Stimpson said, “The power of the bomb…is such as to stagger the imagination. It would prove a tremendous aid in shortening the Japanese war.” 1 Clearly Stimpson was very excited and awed by the power of the bomb and therefore thought it was an excellent invention although it killed thousands of innocent Japanese citizens. Without the devastating bomb, America and Japan would continue fighting to no avail so dropping the bomb was necessary. There was also a lot of blame being put on the Japanese for forcing America to use such a 1 “Atomic Bomb Hits Japan,” Los Angeles Times, August 7, 1945, p. 1, c. 1.
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Virani 2 destructive weapon. Americans claimed that President Truman told the Japanese that he had something in store that would demolish them if they didn’t give up. One article states, “Mr. Truman noted that the Japanese rejected the surrender ultimatum from Potsdam, and that this had been intended to spare the Japanese people from utter
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paper # 3 - Virani 1 Sofia Virani History 200 Professor...

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