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For folklore essay: Proppian analysis of Star Wars Interdiction addressed to the hero: Luke asks about Obi-Wan Kenobi, Uncle pretends he doesn’t know who Obi-Wan is in order to make him forget (telling him not to do something without saying it) Interdiction is violated: Luke goes out in search of R2D2 and finds Obi-Wan anyways. Villain receives info about his victim: knows where the droids are and tries to destroy them Harm or injury to the family: luke’s house gets blown up and his aunt and uncle are in there Member of the family lacks something: Luke lacks Dad. Then lost uncle and aunt Misfortune, lack is made known; hero is approached with a request or command, he’s allowed to go: Obi-Wan wants him to join him, become a jedi and fight against the dark side Seeker agrees to or decides upon counteraction: Luke decides he wants to go and learn to be a jedi Hero leaves home: Luke leaves with Obi-Wan Hero is tested, interrogated, attacked etc. which prepares way for receiving a magical agent/helper:
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