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Concept, Principles and Research Methods of African Environmental Ethics by Diana-Abasi Ibanga [email protected] Centre for Environmental Governance and Resource Management, Nigeria Department of Philosophy, University of Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria Abstract [English] This paper aims to discuss ten traditional and contemporary methodological paradigms in African philosophy, and demonstrates how they may apply to African environmental ethics research. The methods include: Ethno-philosophy, Sage Philosophy, Conversational Philosophy, Conceptual Mandelanization, Eco-Afrocentricism, Indigenous Language Analysis, Eco-Afro-feminism, Conceptual Decolonization, Storytelling Philosophy, and Cultural Adaptationism. The significance and limitations of the methodologies are highlighted. The concept and principles of African environmental ethics are analyzed and discussed to facilitate an understanding of the conceptual frameworks that underpin the methodologies. In conclusion, the discourse demonstrates that environmental ethics research in Africa should be based on African philosophical methodologies so as to facilitate production of research that will be relevant in African contexts. Keywords: African philosophy, African environmental ethics, philosophical methodology Ed n Ik [Annang] N ̄ wed nduongo ami ayem ibene nw ́ d mme kaan nne mfa usung unam nduongo ke vil s vi Afr ke, nne nte am ekeme iwam unam nduongo mbanga ido ukpeme nkan-nkuk ke Afr ke. Mme usung unam nduongo ami nsehe ade ami: vil s vi mben uf k, vil s vi kan ideen, vil s vi nneme, vil s vi Mandela, “Eco-Afrocentricism”, nduongore usem utiit ajid, vil s vi ibaan Afr ke, vil s vi mkp k- nyak, vil s vi ke, nne ukpep ido idung agwo. N ̄ wed ami abene aw d mme ikek nne nde mem idem usung nduongo ami. N ̄ wed ami atang mkp abanga se ido ukpeme nkan-nkuk ke Afr ke anwongo nne mme itai am , nne nte am ewam mbon nduongo edi h nnanga ekpekakpa ib r nduongo am . Ke suuk ik , ukpep ami mkp abene aw d ate ke ekpena ekama usung nduongo vil s vi Afr ke enam nduongo ebanga ido ukpeme nkan-nkuk ke Afr ke man ib r nduongo asanga akekem nne se adiiwam Afr ke. N ̄ kek-Ik : vil s vi Afr ke , ido ukpeme nkan-nkuk ke Afr ke, usung nduongo vil s vi 123 Africology: The Journal of Pan African Studies , vol.11, no.7, May 2018
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